About Me

My name is Christopher Trottier aka atomicpoet

I am long time blogger that's been around since the beginnings of the internet. I've been involved with social media for over 10 years. I was first expose to the internet at age 9, I thought the web was the most revolutionary. I was able to read text through a phone line. I felt connect to the world.

My Trip to New York

At age 19, I decided to find my jewish spiritual roots. A rabbi offered me a scholarship to New York to Study Yeshiva. For a year, I was without internet access. Felt like I was in the stone age. I wasn't able to express myself so I returned to vancouver to start build my career and life.

Met the love of my life online. Which show how much of an impact the internet has shown in my life. From a chat box msg to now living with day in an out happily with my lovely intelligent wife. Married August 2010.