Professional Story

My career path had just kick-started in 2009 working in a media company in downtown Vancouver. I was first titled as Social Media Rainmaker at Invoke Media and now the Ambassador of Happiness of Hootsuite.

This is the story of how I came be in the career of social media. For year I was stuck working in dead-end jobs to make ends meet. My hope was to just to get higher paying for the years working experience I have accumulated. In 2008 I was hired at a mac reseller.

Mac store was a lame reality?

I first was really excited to be working there. But I soon found out this company that sells the elite line of computers, are so elite themselves.

The storeowner didn’t trust software management systems instead he required the staff to print 3 hard copies of every receipt transaction in shipping/receiving and sales. All the unnecessary filing has created hell’s gate to lost paper trails. Eight months later I left the company and hoped to find another job or go back to school. Days later I had a minor injury that changed my life.

Stuck at home with nothing but the web.

I had a broken toe that took over a month to heal. During this time I was online 24/7 looking for jobs postings but only to find old dead-end positions. I was unemployed and needed money. A $100 check came in the mail from Google ads for my old blog sites. I realized that the web is where I should be investing my time.

Atomicpoet on Digg

By the second month, I built a new blog site to write about the weirdest and most disturbing videos found on youtube. I submit my post to the web communities like Digg and Reddit. I soon figured out the community system. By interacting with other users I was able to front-page over 200 articles on Digg within 3 months time. Atomicpoet has become noticed in web media world.

Confident and ready for work

Front-paging articles made no money but I’m confidence that I can make a career out of web marketing. I told my girlfriend that was taking care of me that if I couldn’t get a job in month I would take a student and go back to school. With my web presence I was able to get some interviews with web marketing companies. This one interview I went through, the manager told me he choice was between me and another girl. As I was hoping for their reply, I got instead a spam email from that company announcing the other girl who had taken on the marketing position.

Landing my career

I was pretty upset to find out through their email newsletter that I didn’t get the job. I got curious to why the other girl was hired over me. What background did she have? Coincidently I found out that the previous company she was working was hiring to replace her position. I contacted the company tell them about my achievements in the web are immediately accepted as an intern. Given 3 months, I have proven myself to the company and have been hired since.

Now I live an exciting life working in an leading start-up media company. Life couldn’t get any better than do what you love.